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Jessica Coyle

At Jessica Coyle Design we are fascinated by how people interact with their surroundings and we prioritise functionality as the starting point in any project whether it's the layout of a busy restaurant or the best positioning of appliances in a family kitchen. "Making it look pretty is easy but making it work properly is the important part". 

We use our excellent space planning and problem solving skills to recognise potential layout issues far in advance and we put a lot of time into exploring the best possible options for how our clients can use their spaces. When we say "we design for profit", that can be a 'financial profit' for a business when we have doubled or tripled customer foot fall in a bar by designing a space everyone want to be in.

Equally it refers to 'well-being profit' when we have made your house your sanctuary. We are specialists in over thinking things and thrive on details. We think about the echo of a tiled floor, the ideal storage of bed linen, the scratch marks of a dog and the natural piling of newspapers on one end of a kitchen table. We literally lie awake at night thinking about the ideal height for a coat hook and the decibel levels of dishwashers.

Our Design Director Jessica initially developed her broad spectrum of design skills, story telling and atmosphere building along with special effects and construction knowledge while Art Directing in Film and Television. She followed this with a degree in Product Design from Central Saint Martins in London.

Her extensive Interior Design experience has been gained working on commercial and residential projects such as show homes, apartment developments, bars, restaurants, beach clubs and residential projects for private individuals, commercial ventures and celebrity clients.

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